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We’re celebrating 30 Days of Science 

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You have cool science to share, we want to help! Join us to make science accessible, engaging, and fun for the community.

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Deadline: March 1, 2021

Selected entries will be celebrated and shared broadly across digital platforms and social media for the month of April.

About the 2021 Festival

Science has been good to us this year. Let’s celebrate it with 30 Days of Science!

There is so much to celebrate in our local STEAM community - we can't wait to highlight the amazing science all around us this April!

The 2021 Cambridge Science Festival will culminate with 30 Days of Science, a month-long dynamic social media challenge and digital showcase of all the cool STEAM activities you have to offer. Our curious community wants to connect with you to explore everything from math & origami, to innovative medicines, home cocktail science, the deep ocean, to exoplanet hunting, & everything in between.

Looking to get the community involved in an interactive project, game, or citizen science activity? Let's do it! Have another idea? We're game!

We will share your creative video and audio productions, art productions, food explorations, and written reflections broadly online, in social media, and public digital formats, as well as direct outreach to students and families.

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Opportunities for kids?

Have students ages 5-14 who want to join in the fun? Check out the 2021 Curiosity Challenge!

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Helpful hints

Keep it fun!
We're looking for entries that can make complex STEAM concepts simple and appeal to a wide audience

Encourage the audience to be hands-on!
Supply a recipe, toolkit, interactive website, printable, or any physical items so festival attendees can participate with you, even during social distancing.

Everyone welcome! This means you!
This year's festival makes it easier than ever for everyone to participate. Feel free to share your poems, recorded works, and more with our audience. Did you leverage science to craft an amazing home cocktail recipe? Want to create a soundscape of migrating birds? Ready to make a stop motion animation of native species? Show us what you've got!

We're here to help!
The CSF team is here to help if you aren't sure your idea will work or you just want a partner to brainstorm with. Just reach out to us and we'll be in touch soon to set up a call or video meeting!

We are particularly interested in fun science from the past year!
How have you explored your curiosity and experience science in the past year? Please share your journey or ideas with us! Think of this as an opportunity to make a time capsule of this very unique year and how you embraced or explored science in your everyday life.