DESI High: School of the Dark Universe

April 10, 2021 12:00 pm
April 10, 2021 2:00 pm
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DESI High: School of the Dark Universe is open for students! DESI will observe 30 million galaxies over the next five years to understand how our Universe first began & why its expansion suddenly decided to accelerate. Since its first discovery, we’ve learned that up to 70% of our Universe is a mysterious Dark Energy, but otherwise we know very little about it. You could be the first to discover what it really is! Three events in one! In partnership with the Harvard Center for Astrophysics.

– What is DESI and Dark Energy?: We’ll begin our event with a short ~25 min. introductory talk about Cosmology and the DESI experiment, followed by a quick Q&A.

– Meet a Scientist!: Students and their families will be split amongst individual Zoom breakout rooms where they can meet a scientist! Each scientist will give a brief introduction to themselves, their science, how they got started in Astronomy and much else. Learn from the very best Cosmology has to offer. On hand are some of the best scientists at the world’s top Universities. Ask for advice on becoming a scientist, or just learn more about how our Universe works!

– Start your Data Science adventure: In the final and main section, students will be introduced to DESI High: a series of Jupyter notebooks that contain experiments with hot-off-the-telescope DESI data! Everything is free and only an internet connection is required to get started.

DESI scientists will be on hand to provide technical support and answer questions. Learn the skills needed for a killer CV in (data) science!
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    DESI High provides K9-12 with hot-off-the-telescope DESI data for galaxies, stars, white dwarves and much more. Come learn everything there is to know about Dark Energy, python coding & data science then run your own experiments! This may be the beginning of your very own journey to finally understand the nature of Dark Energy, Dark Matter and the first moments in the life of our Universe.
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