Meet an Engineer: Weather... in SPACE?!

April 21, 2021 4:00 pm
April 21, 2021 5:00 pm
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Did you know that there’s weather in space? Our sun spews plasma and radiation that splatters against our home planet every day. Luckily, we are mostly protected by Earth’s magnetic field, but sometimes plasma leaks through causing problems with satellites, communications and electrical grids.

Dr. Brent Parham from MIT’s Lincoln Labs joins this edition of Meet an Engineer to share what exactly happens with space weather, and how NOAA tracks the weather to help us prepare for oncoming coronal mass ejections!

Bring your questions for the Q&A!

Meet an Engineer is brought to you by the 2021 Cambridge Science Festival and is hosted by MIT graduate student Fatima Husain. #30daysofscience
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    I've always been interested in space since I was a kid and devoured every book I could get a hands on, sci-fi to history. That interest led me to MIT where I studied aerospace engineering and after graduating I got a job analyzing and studying satellites and the space environment. I eventually also got a doctorate at Boston University from their Center for Space Physics, where I helped build BU's first launched cubesat. My PhD thesis focused on studying the Northern (and Southern!) lights from space with that small satellite and others like it to better understand how the lights form.
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