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The official April 2021 30 Days of Science Challenge is over but we hope you are excited to try one on your own or with a group of friends. Download and post the prompt list and I'm In graphic to let the world know what you're up to. It's never too late for science!

Share What you discover!

Use #30DaysofScience to connect with past participants and inspire others. In April 2021 we started a movement of curious people across the world, connected on social media. Keep adding to the story (lots of great, original content on instagram, too!)

Learn Amazing Things!

Explore the CSF April 2021 Showcase and STEAM Vault on our site or find inspiration on your own. There's still so much more to discover!

The 30 Days of Science Challenge is all about exploring cool new things...stay curious!

The goal of the #30DaysofScience challenge is to commit to spending a few minutes a day learning more about the world around us, and following our curiosity. Use our Showcase and STEAM Vault as a starting point for your adventure. This science-tastic content, developed exclusively by the Cambridge Science Festival community, is available to you.

Or choose your own science adventure and explore resources on your own! See what great science awaits!

Connect with your curious community. Science is more fun with friends! Get inspired by past participants—check out the discoveries, fun facts, & questions with #30DaysofScience and add your own insights to the conversation!