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April 2021

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So far, we've toured a plasma fusion experiment, participated in a scavenger hunt, and learned about the science of magic. There's still so much more to discover!

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Check out how these members of our curious community are interpreting the challenge and sharing their love of science all month.

The 30 Days of Science Challenge is exploring cool new things all month long...stay curious!

Our daily prompts have featured amazing science from our collaborators. Spend a few minutes a day exploring the offerings, connecting with cool scientists, & learning new things!

Or check out our showcase and live events! This science-tastic content, developed exclusively by the Cambridge Science Festival community, will be available all month long. See what great science awaits you!

We want to learn with you. Some of our participants have really brought their curiosity to the next level. Check out their discoveries, fun facts, & new questions with us!

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