30 Days of Science

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April 2021

Join us! Explore the amazing world of science for a few minutes a day, every day, during the month of April.

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Learn cool things, nerd out on something new, get curious! Take the 30 Days of Science Challenge!

This year, Cambridge Science Festival is celebrating science for the entire month of April. Join us!

Our challenge to you: 30 Days of Science.

Each day, we'll share a simple prompt with content and events developed exclusively by the Cambridge Science Festival community. Spend a few minutes a day exploring the offerings, connecting with cool scientists, & learning new things!

Or choose your own adventure! Want to learn about a new native bird each day? Maybe perfect your daily coffee routine with science? Ready to learn about 30 exoplanets?

We want to learn with you. We're here to keep you accountable & cheer you on. Take the pledge—share your discoveries, fun facts, & new questions with us through #30DaysofScience.

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Join the 30 Days of Science Challenge!

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