Cambridge Science Festival 2022

The Call for Entries is now open!

This year, as well as the General Call Out, OPEN LAB and Carnival, we’re looking for great ideas to fit into our headline events:




Fashion and Science are united by one simple question – what’s coming next? Join us at The Open Space to explore the trends that will light up runways across the world. From wearable tech to smart clothing, from future fabrics to the accessories you won’t be seen without – get ahead of the game and experience the next generation of science in fashion.

We’re looking for designers, engineers, brands, artisans, influencers – everyone with an interest and an idea for what’s coming next in the space between fashion and science. Whether you’re emerging or established, a maker or communicator, whether you’ve got a clothing line ready to go or simply have an idea for the silhouette of the future, get in touch and we’ll do our best to fit you in, showcase your idea, or pair you up with a like-minded creator or collaborator.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, we’ll be scheduling a series of runway shows on a custom-built catwalk: a shop-window for the fashions of the future. If you’re not on-stage you’ll be ‘setting up shop’ nearby, where spectators can roam freely to explore all the ideas on show – touch, try and learn about the fashions and technologies coming next.



You are cordially invited to… THE FEAST! Prepare to encounter gastronomic explorers from the furthest reaches of taste and tech, adventurers whose kitchens are laboratories, artists who cater on canvas and alchemists for whom gold is not a substance, but a flavor… Experience the latest in edible chemistry at this ‘Farmer’s Market of the future’, a place to try and to share, to experiment and explore, to learn the science behind food and meet the culinary architects designing tomorrow’s dishes.

If you’re a chef or a scientist, a catering company or a restauranteur with a taste for experimentation, we want to hear from you. If you’re a grower, a gardener or a farmer with a something to say about the ingredients we take for granted – you’re in the right place. The Feast will be a bubbling, explorative melee of edible sensation and thought-provoking initiatives, and we want to fill it full of the boldest, most engaging, most curious collection of culinary scientists around. Whether you have the crumb of an idea or a full menu ready to go, get in touch and we’ll see what we can serve up together.



With unprecedented average temperatures and climate-related crises causing destruction across the globe, science must be our first line of defense. This day is dedicated to all things environmental, renewable and sustainable – the urgent ideas and technologies that will protect us in years to come.

Are you involved, either directly or tangentially in environmental technologies? Are you researching sustainable materials or renewable energy sources? Do you have ideas for greener living or insight into the science that will shape our way of life as the world responds to the changing climate? We’re programming a packed day of lectures, films, panel discussions, symposia, exhibits, tours, hands-on workshops and art installations – get in touch to get involved.



This year we throw open the doors to the city’s science and makers communities and invite festival-goers into workplaces of all types. If you’re a scientist, engineer, maker or designer and would like to host visitors in your lab, workshop, office or studio, simply sign up and we’ll include you on our city-wide map of Open Lab locations. You pick a time that suits you and how long you’ll be open for, provide a short description of what you’re able to show or share, and we’ll send signage for public wayfinding.



The final day of the festival is a full-on, family-friendly Great American Carnival – with Main Stage, Midway, Side Shows, Walk-abouts and more. Join our army of exhibitors and set up your stall to entertain, educate and inspire – get in touch now to book your slot, suggest a performance for the Main Stage, tell us about an experience you’d like to share, or register as a roaming performer. And of course, no CSF Carnival is complete without our much-loved Robot Petting Zoo – if you’d like to take part, simply fill in the form below.


We’re putting together a full program of events and experiences at The Open Space and across the city. If you have an idea to share, we want to hear from you. If you have a venue in mind that’s great, if not, we’ll do our best to find you one. Cambridge Science Festival celebrates every facet of the science community – we believe that the broadest mix of ideas, disciplines and perspectives creates the furthest reaching conversations, the most in-depth debates, and the most inspiring developments. Whether you’re an artist or a scientist, an engineer or a designer, an educator, a collaborator, lecturer, an inventor or presenter, a producer, a chef or influencer – whatever you do or would like to do, get in touch to get involved.


Be part of the Cambridge Science Festival!

Every year we’re amazed and inspired by the energy, enthusiasm and generosity of our wonderful volunteer team. Without you, literally nothing would be possible. We’re so grateful to anyone who can spare a little time and become a key member of the Festival team. Volunteer roles are varied and we do our best to find something that suits you – whether you’re an organizational wizard or an unflappable people-person, if you’re interested in the scientific side of life, or simply looking for some quiet ‘behind-the-scenes’ experience. And whatever role you end up in, we’ll do everything to make sure it’s rewarding and plenty of fun.