Curiosity Challenge 2021

A Special Message From Our 2021 Curious Scientist, Randi Williams

The winners are here!

What Lies In The Deepest Ocean? Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Why Are Dog’s Noses Always Wet?
We were blown away by the top-notch questions this year. Check ’em out below!

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About the Challenge

The 2021 Challenge is closed. Celebrate the winners with us and stay tuned for the launch of the 2022 Curiosity Challenge in the fall! Are you curious? Do you wonder how the world around you works? We want to know about your curiosity. Show us! Tell us! Join the 14th annual Curiosity Challenge!

The Challenge is a contest for 5-14 year olds that takes place every winter. Show us what you’re curious about by drawing a picture, writing an essay or poem, taking a photo, or doing something else entirely! Submit your entry with a description of your project and how it prompted you to explore the world around you.

Why are there different types of clouds? Why do we sneeze and what makes us yawn? Will we live on Mars? We want to know what YOU are curious about!


Pictured here, Randi, former curious student, current Curious Scientist, with the Queen of England!

2021 Curious Scientist

Randi Williams

PhD student, MIT Media Lab

Randi Williams (who gets her name from her dad and grandpa, Randy Williams Jr. and Sr.) is an MIT PhD student studying robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and education. She works in the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, a research group that makes robots that work, teach, and play with people. On a normal day, Randi could be building robots, writing computer programs, or teaching AI classes to students of all ages. Her hope is to teach as many people as possible about how AI can help build a better future.

Randi was born and raised in Bowie, Maryland. Growing up, her favorite subjects were Math and Physical Education. She was very curious about how the world around her worked and spent a lot of time taking things apart (and sometimes figuring out how to put them back together). When she grows up, Randi hopes to travel around the world, learning new languages and building cool technology with the cool people she meets along the way.

Thank you!

2021 Curious Teacher

Elizabeth Hill

Cambridge Public Schools

Elizabeth (Liz) Hill lives and teaches in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Liz enjoys reading non-fiction science and social science books, exploring the outdoors, and engaging with science learning in the classroom. As a kindergarten teacher, Liz loves to help students have new experiences with scientific inquiry, outdoor explorations, and engineering. 


 “As a child, growing up in a rural environment, being outside was how I spent most of my summer days. “Helping” my grandparents in the garden or greenhouse or watching bees and butterflies in the herb garden was something that felt safe and so enjoyable. I spent my earliest days growing pumpkins, picking blackberries, and learning how to climb to the highest branches of the trees. I now know that being encouraged to be fearless in my explorations gave me so much freedom and courage in learning.”


Now, one of her greatest joys is seeing a child develop confidence in an exploration or endeavor that once felt challenging.

"Liz is incredibly committed to bringing the joy of science and curiosity to her students as well as getting them outdoors in nature in the CitySprouts garden."

Principal Dr. Nancy Campbell

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Winners will be celebrated online, and have their work published in the annual Curiosity Challenge book!

All winners will receive a copy of this beautiful keepsake book. Stay tuned for dates and details!

Each year we honor a Curious Scientist and Curious Teacher as well. Past winning scientists include Kimberly Arcand, Danielle Wood, Dava Newman, and many more inspiring scientists. Recent teachers honored include Eric Prileson of Medford and Michael Robinson of Brockton.
Stay tuned to meet the 2021 winners!


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