Decoding the Brain

Meet neuroscientists from MIT’s McGovern Institute to talk about their latest discoveries in brain science, including what brain regions are devoted to food and how people can live typical lives despite missing large chunks of brain. Experience optical illusions, interact with brain-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence, and see real brains.

Interactive Talks

Fun for both kids and adults!

2-2:15pm “Food on the brain” with Dr. Meenakshi Khosla

2:30-3:00pm “You don’t see as much of the world as you think you do” with Dr. Michael Cohen 

3:00-4:00pm Interactive lab demonstrations in the Learning Lab

4-4:15pm “The Interesting Brains Project: what would happen if you were missing a large chunk of your brain?” with Dr. Hope Kean

4:30-4:45pm “Perceiving the world around us” with MIT graduate student Jarrod Hicks


Interactive Lab Demonstrations

Fun for both kids and adults!


Brain-Machine Interface

Experience muscle sensors that show real-time bicep muscle activity and control a robotic claw.

·   Dr. Karthik Srinivasan and MIT senior Madison Leone


Artificial Intelligence

Interact with AI software and hear about machine learning from computational biologists.

·   MIT graduate student Fernanda De La Torre Romo, and Drs. Ratan Murty and Meenakshi Khosla


Mechanisms of Perception

See and hear illusions and learn from neuroscientists about visual and auditory perception.

·   MIT graduate student Jarrod Hicks


Brain Anatomy

View whole human, sheep and mouse brains and handle labeled plastic models of human brain.

·   Dr. Arghya Mukherjee and MIT graduate students Hope Kean


Novel Brain Probes

Transmission electron microscopy of microfibers for optogenetics and recording of neurons, plus hands-on demos. 

· MIT graduate student Ye Ji Kim, Anikeeva lab

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Oct 7, 2022
02:00 PM
- 05:00 PM
MIT Museum: The Lee Family Exchange
MIT Museum, Gambrill Center, 314 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02142
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