Engineering Biology to Solve Important Problems in Medicine, Energy, and the Environment

Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and staff from Boston University’s Biological Design Center, the NSF Engineering Research Center in Cellular Metamaterials, and Boston University’s STEM Pathways program have prepared a series of fun and educational hands-on activities involving synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and microbial ecology.

Come to our Cambridge Science Festival Booth to explore various hands-on activities involving biomedical engineering and to meet scientists and engineers from Boston University, including

– researchers at the Biological Design Center, who are working to understand, control, and re-engineer biology to generate new systems and revolutionize how we approach important problems in medicine, energy, and the environment. You will also meet BU graduate students in Zeba Wunderlich’s laboratory, who use fruit flies to unravel how genes work together to make sure that this animal develops properly from an egg and is able to combat infections.

– BU graduate students working at the NSF Engineering Research Center in Cellular Metamaterials, which builds engineered heart tissues that can be used to understand heart diseases and could help biomedical engineers fix damaged human heart tissue in the future.

– BU undergraduates and staff affiliated with our STEM Pathways program, which is a DoD STEM-supported outreach program that aims to establish a STEM pipeline by exposing high school students in the greater Boston area to synthetic biology and biotechnology via educational and networking events, coursework and lab skills training, hackathons, workshops, laboratory rotations, and industry internships.

– Our STEM Pathways iGEM team, who have spent the past summer designing and building AM1, a device that simulates an aquatic environment per user’s inputs and then tests that simulated aquatic environment for chosen toxins or pollutants via a biosensor system.

Oct 9, 2022
12:00 PM
- 04:00 PM
Kendall/MIT Open Space: Discovery Zone
Kendall/MIT Open Space, Main Street, Cambridge, MA
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