Fruit DNA Pursuit

Join us in Fruit DNA Pursuit to extract DNA from fruit and learn about what DNA is! In this event, we’ll be using simple ingredients to do something incredible: see DNA with the naked eye. This event is open to anyone of any age and experience level, so come join us in this fun activity!

Fruit DNA Pursuit is hosted by Biotech & Global Health Outreach (BGHO), a student-run nonprofit that strives to make STEM freely accessible to all students. We know that in this day and age, inequity in education still remains an issue. Because of the lack of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) opportunities for young people, especially people of color and women, it’s not always easy for students to explore their passions and reach their full potential. So, in June of 2020, four students from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School teamed up to create BGHO. With the help of so many people, we have since grown into the student-run, international nonprofit that we are today. BGHO’s mission has and will always remain the same: to make STEM opportunities freely accessible to students.

At BGHO, we work every day toward breaking barriers in the STEM field by providing free, engaging STEM opportunities for young, future scientists. These opportunities include research, educational videos, infographics, guest speaker talks, and tutoring—all for no cost. With our dedication to supporting our communities and beyond, coupled with our own passion for STEM, we try to touch as many lives as possible.

Oct 7, 2022
05:00 PM
- 08:00 PM
Kendall/MIT Open Space: The Festival Zone
Kendall/MIT Open Space, Main Street, Cambridge, MA
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