Language and Reading in the Brain

Join us to learn more about your brain with child-friendly, hands-on activities like building a brain hat, exploring the human and animal brain, and playing tongue-twisting, mind-bending word games to learn just how your brain reads and uses language!

The Communication and Neurodevelopment Lab, based at Boston University, is dedicated to studying speech, language, and reading development in children. Our ultimate aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families. We conduct child-friendly research with an educational and child-centered approach to further our understanding of communication and brain development.

We’re offering a variety of fun activities to learn about the brain and language! Stop by to build a wearable brain map to show what parts of your brain do what. You can also match the animal to the brain to learn the differences and similarities between the human and animal brains and play a fast-paced word game to see in real time how your brain processes multiple inputs when reading. We will also share family-oriented resources for parents related to speech and literacy development.

Oct 9, 2022
12:00 PM
- 04:00 PM
Kendall/MIT Open Space: Discovery Zone
Kendall/MIT Open Space, Main Street, Cambridge, MA
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