Nature-Inspired, Nano-Solutions to Environmental Problems

Demonstrations and explanations on how bioinspired nanostructured materials can solve a variety of environmental problems such as air and water pollution.

Metalmark Innovations is a Cambridge-based startup developing air purification systems based on advanced nanostructured coatings. We are using bioinspiration and nanotechnology to address environmental problems such as air pollution. Many biological systems utilize nanostructures to sense and adapt to complex environmental conditions.  These systems have inspired the design of novel nanostructured materials enabling multiple applications in environmental protection and, therefore, playing a vital role in securing the future sustainability of our planet.

Nanomaterials exhibit unexpected properties compared to their bulk counterparts; their high surface-area-to-volume ratio imparts unique physicochemical properties, including versatile functionalities and enhanced reactivity or selectivity. From saving raw materials, energy, and water, to decreasing greenhouse gases and dangerous waste, nanotechnology’s unique attributes can be utilized in various products, procedures and applications that could undoubtedly support environmental and climate protection.

During the event:

·  We will discuss the concept of nanoscale and provide examples of nanostructured materials used in biological systems for adaptation and survival. We’ll demonstrate the synthesis of some nanomaterials (e.g. gold nanoparticles) and discuss their applications.

·  We will show how nanotechnology helps to address wastewater treatment and remediation using bio-inspired nanomaterials and structures with fun hands-on demonstration.

·  You will learn about air pollution, the different types of pollutants and their health effects. We’ll provide hands-on activities in which we design and build a model indoor filter to remove pepper particles from an air stream. Using various sensors, we will collect and analyze particles and other air contaminants.

Our team will include people with many years of experience in nanomaterials design and fabrication, environmental engineering, and sustainability. The event will include a lot of fun and educational activities for both kids and their parents.

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Oct 6, 2022
05:30 PM
- 08:30 AM
Cambridge Public Library: Central Square Branch, Main Floor
Cambridge Public Library – Central Square Branch, Pearl Street, Cambridge, MA
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