The Future of Beauty is here

Technology and Beauty meet in the Facetopo app available for Apple and Android devices.

Facetopo is the beauty education app created by professional makeup artists! Join the Facetopo community to privately create your own 3D facemap and discover your unique facial geometry. Learn makeup techniques and protips from pro Make-up artists!

Finally, makeup tutorials and beauty education customized to YOUR unique face shape! Facetopo Makeup Education brings makeup artistry together with personalized education like never before – it’s like having your own professional Makeup Artist in the palm of your hand! Download the app now for FREE.

Using 3D face-mapping technology, we developed software to scan your unique face shape or combo of face shapes to finally demystify how to correctly place and blend highlight, contour and blush according to YOUR face. 

Follow along with customized demos from professional NYC Makeup Artist and beauty influencer Yvonne MacInnis and learn step-by-step how to apply makeup like a PRO! Facetopo Makeup Education has created an interactive beauty experience like nothing else!

** Share your own Facetopo makeup tutorials and before and after shots and be sure to tag #facetopo and #facetopoapp in your posts!

With the Facetopo app you’ll be able to:

  • Privately create your own 3D face map and learn your unique face shape
  • Discover your face shape
  • Visualize makeup by trying the Virtual Makeup Feature on your own face in real-time
  • Learn proper makeup placement via step-by-step directional animation
  • Watch Makeup tutorials illustrating every step of the way by Pro Make-Up Artist and Beauty Guru @yvonnetheartist
  • Create and share your own makeup tutorials
  • Create and share your own B&A’s (before and after pics)
  • Create your own secure account to store your personal data
  • Buy products recommended by Professional Makeup Artists
  • Premium/Pro version coming soon!

Oct 8, 2022
12:00 PM
- 08:00 PM
Kendall/MIT Open Space: The Festival Zone
Kendall/MIT Open Space, Main Street, Cambridge, MA
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Cambridge Science Festival, the first of its kind in the United States, is a madcap celebration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). A multifaceted, multicultural event, the Festival makes science accessible, interactive, and fun, highlighting the impact of STEAM in all our lives.

The Cambridge Science Festival was founded by and is produced by the MIT Museum.