The MycoEverything (R)evolution

Presenting the MIT + Africa’s largest bank (SBG) effort “MycoHab” which has yielded a carbon negative, inclusive process for food, construction materials and transparent carbon credits infrastructure. Showcasing the fungal experimental station built in Namibia.

Dr Andreas Mershin is Director of the MIT Label Free Research Group. He earned his MSci in Physics and Cosmology at Imperial College London and his PhD in Physics and Biophysics at Texas A&M University. He is currently a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms where he leads the Label Free Research Group, which operates between physics, biology, materials and information sciences. From inexpensive photosynthetic solar panels to quantum effects in molecular biology and from cytoskeletal memory encoding, machine olfaction to bioenergy harvesting, his research and the resulting technologies are used by industry and government, exhibited at the Boston Museum of Science and Designer’s Open Exhibition and have been globally covered by CNN, BBC, NYT, Discovery Channel, Wired, New Scientist, Nature and Science.

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Oct 7, 2022
07:00 PM
- 08:30 PM
MIT Welcome Center
MIT Welcome Center, Main Street, Cambridge, MA
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