Trees Telling STEM Stories: the Witness Tree Project

Come meet Cambridge’s newest addition to the Witness Tree network.

Witness Trees use sensor technology and coding to help trees post real-time messages to social media about their growth, local climate, and more. Join the project’s engineer and education leaders at the base of the newly installed Cambridge witness tree to learn more about the technology behind this project and the lessons we are learning from trees like the Washington Elm. Interactive presentations on the half hour will cover the basics of the project, let you handle some of the project’s custom-built technology, and give you a chance to suggest your own ideas for questions the tree might answer online!

Location: on the Cambridge Common, at the base of the Washington elm tree

Presenters: Taylor Jones, Boston University; Clarisse Hart, Harvard Forest, Harvard University


Adults, teens, families – All welcome thought content is probably more accessible for young people who are 8+

Teachers are especially welcome – we have a suite of teacher-developed lesson plans for the project to share with you.

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Acknowledgments: This work is made possible with support from the Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund. We also humbly acknowledge the Massachusett people, whose unceded ancestral homeland is the site of this park and provides life for this tree.

Oct 6, 2022
02:00 PM
- 05:00 PM
Cambridge Common, at the base of the Washington Elm tree
Washington Elm, Garden Street, Cambridge, MA
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