Wholehearted Regeneration: Boosting Communal and Climate Resilience One Pocket Forest at a Time

Learn about the first urban pocket forest planted with the Miyawaki Method in the Northeastern USA, and explore the family of ecosystem restoration solutions to climate change. The event will involve a presentation and a Q&A session.

Miyawaki Forests are dense, biodiverse pocket forests that jumpstart flourishing forest ecosystems natural to an area. As more people recognize the importance of trees and access to nature in building climate resilience in urban environments, the Miyawaki method is an extremely valuable tool to turn to.

Maya Dutta is the Assistant Director of Regenerative Projects at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Bio4Climate). An environmental advocate and ecosystem restorer in training, she works to spread understanding on the key role of biodiversity in shaping the climate and the water, carbon, nutrient and energy cycles we rely on. Having grown up in New York City and lived in cities all her life, Maya is interested in creating more natural infrastructure, biodiversity, and access to nature and ecological connection in urban areas, motivating her work on Miyawaki Forests. Following her involvement in launching the first Miyawaki Forest in the Northeast US in Cambridge, MA, she joined the SUGi Fellowship for Miyawaki forest-making, and continues to expand the Miyawaki movement in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

In this talk, she will explore ecosystem restoration and its power to cool the climate, sequester carbon, provide clean air and water, buffer against floods, drought, rising sea levels and extreme weather, and increase biodiversity, food security, nutrition, health, economic livelihood, and equity within communities. In particular, Maya will highlight the actionable solution of Miyawaki Forests that people are working on around the world to protect and restore their ecosystems, respect their native ecology, and live in greater reciprocity with the land. She will share information and reflections on the benefits to physical and mental health that come from connecting to nature, and invite the audience to understand our interdependent wellbeing and claim their role as mindful, loving participants in our living Earth.

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Oct 6, 2022
03:00 PM
- 04:30 PM
Cambridge Public Library: Main Branch, Lecture Hall
Cambridge Public Library, Broadway, Cambridge, MA
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