CSF 2024: Curated Series

CSF 2024: Curated Series

CSF 2024: Curated Series

Frontiers: A New Era of Space Exploration

What can we learn about our planet and ourselves from the vantage point of space? Innovations in engineering continually expand our horizons as we search for life and meaning beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Join CSF and participate in a day of sharing and collective exploration as we invite the wider community to meet the aero/astro trailblazers of Cambridge.


When is it?

FRONTIERS takes place on Friday September 27 and Saturday September 28.

Where is it?

Programs, events and activities can take place anywhere in or near Cambridge, Massachusetts. Occasionally we make exceptions for site-specific events happening further afield.

How do I get involved?

Just complete the Call for Entry form below, and read the FRONTIERS Call for Entry Guide for further information.

Call for Entry 

The Call for Entry has two purposes:

  • To give the CSF team as much information as possible about your proposed event.
  • To create your listing in the Digital Program Guide, giving the CSF team the promotional materials required to help you publicize your event.


The deadline for completing the Call for Entry is June 15.