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Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

Bitesize science

Lunch & Learn is a lunchtime lecture series for the Cambridge community. If you’re a Cambridge-based organization with enough workplace-space for visitors, why not host a bitesize event this fall? Whether it’s a brown bag lunch for five or a lecture-banquet for fifty, take the opportunity to connect with your neighbours and introduce yourself and your work.

When is it?

Lunch & Learn events must take place between 12-1pm, on any weekday during CSF 2024 – Monday September 23 to Friday September 27.

Where is it?

We’re located in Cambridge, MA, so the majority of events happen in and around the city of Cambridge, but we can make exceptions for site-specific activities happening further afield.

How do I get involved?

If you’d like to organize a Lunch & Learn event at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival, make sure the following statements apply:

  • My event is free and open to the public
  • My event takes place live and in-person (not solely a virtual event)
  • My event takes place between 12-1pm on Monday September 23 – Friday September 27
  • My event takes place in or near Cambridge, MA.

The Call for Entry form asks for information about your event — read the guide at the bottom of this page and fill out the form when you’re ready.

Call for Entry 

The Call for Entry has two purposes:

  • To give the CSF team as much information as possible about your event.
  • To create your listing in the Digital Program Guide, giving the CSF team the promotional materials required to help publicize your event.

Make sure you’ve read through the Lunch & Learn Call for Entry Guide (opens in new window) before you begin, to make sure you don’t have to stop and start again.


The deadline for completing the Call for Entry is June 15.



Need inspiration?

Here are some of last year’s Lunch & Learn event titles:

  • The Future of Genome Editing
  • Cambridge Composting: From the Curb to Clean Energy
  • Why on Earth Put Plants on Roofs?
  • Engineering the Future of Food
  • Ethics in AI and Art
  • Why We Forget and How to Remember Better
  • Manufacturing Large Structures in Space
  • Healthy Relationships: Online Dating
  • Who’s the Villain? Raising the Stakes in Children’s Literature
  • Brain Sensing: From Science Fiction to Reality



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© Michael J Clarke | Maximizing 100 Good Years of Longevity Potential, MIT AgeLab
© Michael J Clarke | Black Girl Magic: Reproductive Justice Edition, MIT Welcome Center
© Michael J Clarke | Sonification: Hearing Black Holes, Spiders, and Mycelium, MIT Museum
© Michael J Clarke | Sonification: Hearing Black Holes, Spiders, and Mycelium, MIT Museum
© Michael J Clarke | The Science Story Slam by Edifii, Cambridge Public Library
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