September 19, 2022 / ,

Meet John Durant – The Mark R. Epstein (Class of 1963) Director, MIT Museum​

With weeks to go until the opening of the new MIT Museum on October 2 and the Cambridge Science Festival from October 3-9, we caught up with John Durant, Director of the MIT Museum and founder of the Festival. Under Durant’s ambitious and determined stewardship, both have out-grown their homes, relocated, and will soon relaunch to the Cambridge community.

August 30, 2022 / , ,

Meet Jay Calderin, Founder of Boston Fashion Week

Ahead of Cambridge Science Festival’s ground-breaking partnership with Boston Fashion Week we caught up with the Founder of BFW, Jay Calderin, who is programming the events, runways, exhibitions and conversations that make up SCIENCE + FASHION on Saturday October 8, at the Kendall/MIT Open Space.

August 22, 2022 / ,

Meet Brooke Ciardelli, Producer of Cambridge Science Festival.

Tasked with taking the Cambridge Science Festival to bold new heights, Ciardelli’s route to Cambridge practically defines ‘portfolio career’ with an entrepreneurial track record of leading start-ups in the arts, program design and the events/entertainment industries. We caught up with Brooke two months out from her first Cambridge Science Festival, dipped into her fascinating past and found out exactly which events not to miss this October.

April 10, 2012 /

CSF in the NYT!

Through festivals — not fairs — John Durant, of the M.I.T. Museum, strives to demystify science in an era of divisive issues like climate change, vaccines and embryonic stem cell research.