Learning About Your Body Clock Activity Book

Draw what you and your pet, a friend, or a family member are doing at each of these times. Each one of us has a circadian rhythm, an internal “clock” that tells our body when to wake up, sleep, eat, and do other activities. Everyone’s circadian rhythm is a little bit different, which is why we do things at different times. When you are ready to have breakfast, someone else might still be sleeping! Draw what activities you do at each time point and compare it to someone else’s (pet, friend, family member) activities to see how different your circadian rhythm is from theirs!
  • The Mass General Research Institute was formed to support, promote and guide research at Massachusetts General Hospital—home of the largest hospital-based research enterprise in the United States. For this year’s Cambridge Science Festival, our researchers contributed videos, activity books, science experiments and much more. See all of our activities here.
  • Saxena lab
    Richa Saxena is the fearless leader and principle investigator of the Saxena lab. She is an Associate Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Associate Member of the Broad Institute. Dr. Saxena’s research focuses on the impact of genetic variation in the biological clock on normal human physiology and metabolic disease. Click here for more information about the lab.

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For the 2021 Festival, we will host a month-long celebration of STEAM in our community with an overarching theme of gratitude and appreciation. During the month of April 2021, we will showcase creative digital and virtual entries from our rich STEAM community.

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