Pareidolia Drawings – What’s the Point?

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What is pareidolia? Even if you don’t know the word, you’ve experienced it if you’ve ever seen a puppy in a cloud, or the face of the man in the moon. In this talk, artist Donna McLuskie will walk us through the human tendency to see patterns and meanings in the world around us and will share more examples of her pareidolia drawings.
  • Cloudscape by Martin Bond. A Cambridge Diary
    Artist Donna McLuskie seeks inspiration from nature to create her Pareidolia drawings, like this photograph she references in her talk.
  • Can You Find The Hidden Creatures?
    Artist Donna McLuskie has created this pareidolia drawing of Trinity College Cambridge, England's main entrance.

    Can you find the hidden creatures she has perceived and, therefore, drawn into this scene inspired by a photograph taken by the British photographer Martin Bond?

    Download a bigger version of this drawing here.

    Hint: there are at least 62 hidden creatures. How many do you see?
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