The Science Tooth Fairy Read-A-Loud

Erin Dunn ScD, MPH, and her research team in the Dunn Lab have been studying teeth. That’s right, teeth!

They have been fascinated by the clues teeth might provide about our early life experiences, which could ultimately be used to help identify new ways to prevent brain health problems, like depression, and promote brain health.

Dr. Dunn recently wrote a book about her research as the “Science Tooth Fairy,” recorded here as a read-a-loud!

Order a free copy of The Science Tooth Fairy (while supplies last)!
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    The Science Tooth Fairy© was designed to help parents talk with their children about donating their teeth to scientists. The book is centered around a character named the Science Tooth Fairy, who is a scientist that collects and studies teeth. The book tells the story of how teeth can help scientific research through the eyes of two children who have conflicting views: one who wants to donate their tooth to the Science Tooth Fairy, and one who is a little unsure. The two children meet members of the Science Tooth Fairy’s research team and learn about how the teeth are studied in her research laboratory. The book is a fun and informative read for both parents and junior scientists!

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