The Super Slow Glider

Make a walkalong glider! Walkalong gliding is where you, the pilot, manipulate the wind in the vicinity of the glider both sustaining and controlling the glider. Walkalong gliding is similar to how a pilot controls the engines to keep the plane flying and manipulates the controls to steer the plane to its destination. Walkalong gliding a super slow glider you can fly as long as you want and wherever you want just like a real airplane does. Thin sliced foam is ideal for making super slow gliders. Super slow gliders are easy to keep up with making them perfect for flying as walkalong gliders.
  • Evolution of the glider
    Much has changed since I wrote Build And Pilot Your Own Walkalong Gliders. This showcase highlights a much easier design than outlined in the book. Thin sliced foam is so light relative to the paper we use to make traditional paper airplanes that traditional paper can be used to ballast (as nose weight) our super slow glider.

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