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Getting involved

Cambridge Science Festival is run by the community, for the community, and we’re delighted each year with the number of proposals we receive. The Call for Entry for CSF runs from April – June, inviting everyone to submit their ideas for events or activities.

Submissions for our General Festival Call-Out are now closed for 2023, but Kinetic Communities is still accepting proposals. Find out more and sign up below.

For more information or to ask for an extension on applications for any of our programs, please contact info@cambridgesciencefestival.org.



A brand new event taking place on Saturday September 30.  We’d love to have you involved!

The Event

On Saturday September 30, community groups from in and around Cambridge will team up to form a giant human kinetic chain reaction, stretching between City Hall and the Charles River. We’re inviting diverse groups to join the chain – everything from circus, dance, gymnastics groups, after-school clubs and sports teams to art classes, knitting circles, martial arts teams, food delivery services, charitable organizations and more.

This chain of people will pass a ‘movement’ from one end to the other, mimicking the way our brains send messages to our muscles. Each group will be assigned a portion of the route, passing the ‘movement impulse’ from one group to the next, all the way along the chain, and personalizing their movement to show something of the group’s purpose or character.

Put simply – we’re forming a domino run or Rube Goldberg machine of community groups through the center of Cambridge, and we’d like you to be a part of it. At the end of the line, the movement will ‘set off’ an open-air circus performance, celebrating curiosity, innovation and inspiration – an opportunity to be proud of the Cambridge community and everything it offers.

What would we have to do?

Participating groups will designate a team captain, have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 participants.  Groups will choreograph their own unique movement that passes the energy from person to person (requires a human point of touch). Your unique movement section should have at least 6 passes, or touches, within your group before passing to the next group. Each group will have 2 minutes 30 seconds for their link of the chain reaction.

A “double high five” will serve as the handoff of the chain reaction from one group to the next. the chain from one group to another, and the signal for the next group to start.  Groups will create and rehearse their segment of the chain independently and have it ready to go on the day of the Festival. There won’t be any rehearsals on that date–we’ve only got one take 🙂

Can you give examples of the sort of thing you’re looking for?

A gymnastics group could do a series of cartwheels, a community food pantry could comically pass a box of food donation, a youth soccer league could pass the ball in and around team mates, a urban garden group might roll a pumpkin or toss apples – the zanier the better!

Visual Learner? Check out this group passing a coffee can as they shake it to make homemade ice cream!

What should we wear?

We’re looking for expressive costuming with bright colors and a unifying theme for the group. For example, the group could all wear the same brightly colored t-shirt with jeans, or the same patterned clothing (e.g stripes, polka dots, plaid). Get creative!

What’s the time commitment?

Your group will determine the rehearsal time needed, groups will assemble in their designated section of the route on the morning of Saturday September 30.  The event is estimated to take 60-90 minutes, with each group taking approximately 2.5 minutes for their segment of the chain

Is there an age limit to participate?

We welcome all ages! A designated group leader must be legally responsible for the care and safety of any participating minors.

Will you cover any extra staff costs?

CSF will offer each participating group an honorarium to help defray staff costs of participating.  Pending City of Cambridge approval, we will offer groups the opportunity to have a pop-up table at the end point where you can engage with the public and promote the good work you do in the community.

How do we sign up?

If you and your group are interested in getting involved, sign up below and a member of the team will be in touch soon.

You’ll need to designate:

  • One (1) Team Leader who will be responsible for rehearsing your group, signup list, and communication to the members
  • At least two (2) Event Volunteers who are 18+ and responsible for coordinating logistics on the day of the event, meaning that they won’t be participating in the chain movement activity.


Ready to be a link in the chain reaction? Click here to register your group!